About Us

Visions Parent Involvement Program is a hands-on learning program, focusing on creative thinking, problem solving, skill development and strong parent involvement.

Students in VISIONS are involved in the planning, goal setting and decision making in the classroom.  They learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect, which promotes self-esteem.

Families at VISIONS have a major responsibility in the education of their child.  The support of parents, both at the school and home is a vital element of the program.

Teachers at VISIONS have the responsibility of planning and implementing the instructional program.

The heart of the VISIONS philosophy is that “learning is an on-going development process, unique to each child.”  VISIONS strives to offer a unique opportunity to enrich a child’s elementary learning, by incorporating; family, school and community into their classroom.

VISIONS integrates traditional curriculum with innovative approaches to serve diverse ways of learning.  VISIONS offers many out of school experiences (field trips) and makes use of parent/family volunteers to provide a more appealing student/adult ration in the classrooms, a sense of community and a broader range of experiences.

Board Members

This is where you can add some information about your Board Members, etc. Chair:  Misty Lively Misty is entering her 4th year of the Vision’s program, and the proud parent of three Clear Lake students.  Misty’s energy is contagious, and she is extremely passionate about helping our children grow into responsible and strong members of …

Contact Us

Contact our Parent Group We would love to hear from you! Questions? Comments? Let us know. 23631 Lake Street Clear Lake, WA  98235 involvedinvisions@gmail.com